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A Beautiful Day on Lover's Lane, Perfect for Family Photos

Lover's Lane Family Photos by Christina Szeto

We had the pleasure of photographing this amazing family on Lover's Lane, San Francisco on a sunny day.

Supposedly we planned to shoot in the Presidio where we could get the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, but the fog was extremely dense that day so we have had to change the location to Lover's Lane. We have communicated with the client about this backup plan if the Bridge was covered by the fog and became completely invisible.

Only 6 minutes drive away, Lover's Lane was in bright day light. Isn't it insane how the weather can be so different even though we were in the same area (Presidio)? While the upper part of Presidio was densely embraced by the fog, the other areas were perfectly sunny.

We were glad about the change because the child could run freely in the woods, allowing us to capture this beautiful moment.


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