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About Christina

Hello! I am Christina. If you ask me to tell you three words that describe who I am, I would tell you they are love, freedom and trust. Photography enables me to connect my heart to the world and with the people that I meet. I was blessed enough to have good people coming to my life to inspire, teach and protect me. I want to pass on the love that I am having. We cannot change the world very much but we can begin with ourselves—to be kind to one another, to be supportive and be aware that the people you are meeting with are precious souls that deserve love and respect. 
Why I became a family & kids photographer?
I was inspired by my dad to become a family & kids photographer. My dad loves to capture the moments of me and my younger brother when we were kids. I remember he always had a film camera and chased after us for photos. I hated to be in pictures because I didn't like my hair style when I was little. It was not until we became adults (and our parents grew old too, sadly) that we found the photos that my dad took was a precious, timeless and irreplaceable treasure. They are more than just memories of our childhood and the days that my parents were young, they speak about the love of a young dad for his little kids. Tears flooded in my eyes as I looked at these photos and typed my story here.
I want to be a photographer that does the same to people--capturing the moments of today that would warm your heart for many years to come.
My dad adores prints and he is right. In the old days when we only shot with film cameras, we always had the prints. Digital cameras changed the way we store memories. What if you lost the files one day then all your memories would be gone in the wind? I think the best way to keep the moment alive is to print the photos and display them in the house. I encourage my clients to print the photos, that's why I always include print options in most of my packages. 
If you are reading my story here I want you to know I love my work and would deliver the best images for you.
I am also a photography educator.

I am one of the luckiest people on earth who can do what he/she loves for a living. I trust that things would work out eventually, and with a leap-of-faith I am building my career on something that I love and believe. Some “bad” experiences in your life are actually blessings. When I started to learn photography 6 years ago, I skipped most of the classes, and had to be late for at least 30 mins for the classes that i could attend because of work. I can’t tell you how frustrated I was. I blamed my 9-5 job that took away my life, I disliked the fact that photography had a lot to do with numbers which didn’t make a lot of sense to me. But I still photographed a lot of things around me and eventually one day, a good friend came to me and asked if I can shoot his engagement photos, I said yes and I did it. Those photos turned out to be really good and I learned how to connect the dots that I’ve missed in class through hand-on practices. Most importantly, it opened a new possibility for me—to become a photographer who strives to document love and human connections. And since I started out as a “bad” photography student, I knew what beginners did not understand and was able to help them. Three years later, I was given a chance to teach undergraduate students photography in a college in Hong Kong. Now I am also running a photography workshop,, that helps beginners take stunning photos with the equipment I provide. 


So, there’re no absolute good or bad experiences in life. It’s all about how you change your perspective and transform your “bad” experiences into something that makes you stronger. I trust that things would work out in the end, I believe that love never dies and I have the freedom to be my truest self. Keep doing things that you believe, always keep a smile on your face because you believe things are going to be ok.

12 Fun Facts about me:
  1. Grew up in Hong Kong and Canada.
  2. Was a graduate in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, majoring in Professional Accountancy and Psychology.
  3. Studied in UC Berkeley in 2016.
  4. Was an accountant and management consultant in the tech industry for 7 years before becoming a photographer.
  5. Taught Basics of Photography to undergraduates students in the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  6. Favorite foods are dim sum and sushi.
  7. Favorite place apart from California and Hong Kong is Osaka.
  8. Favorite episode is "The Game of Thrones"
  9. Love to photoshoot in backlight
  10. Also run a photography workshop that provides equipment during class
  11. Am a Christian
  12. Love to cook, take pride in my dumplings!



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