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Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom. Pregnant women are sacred and elegant, I love to bring out their beautiful body curves through my lens.

Where does the session take place?

Sessions take place at the comfort of your home or outdoor. If your home has plenty of natural light with a spacious area, I would recommend shooting the session right at your place. Other great locations in the Easy Bay and SF include Kennedy Grove, Heather Farm, UC Berkeley Campus, Lover's Lane Presidio, and the Palace of Fine Arts.

How long is the session?

My signature portrait session is 2 hours. We also offer mini sessions that are as short as 45 mins. New customers can select the New Customer Package which is 90 mins.

What is a mini-session?

A mini session is a 45 mins photoshoot that would be suitable for busy couples.

What is your style?

Pregnancy makes women look incredibly beautiful and sexy. I love documenting the moments of their joy in a fun, romantic and artistic way. I would pose them in a way to show off their curved figure and belly. In order to encourage interaction between the pregnant woman and the husband, I would ask the husband to tell a joke or whisper words of love to make her giggle and then I will press the shutter to capture their real moments. I will make you feel relaxed, be ready for lots of fun and laughters!


When is the best time to photograph a pregnancy woman?

The best time is when she is pregnant with 8-9 months, when her belly is in the best, full shape.

Do you provide the gowns?

Yes we do! We have a collection of gowns that you can borrow during the session for free.

Do we need any props?

Yes we do! Bring your ultra sound photo, wedding rings, baby clothes, shoes and socks that you have prepared for the arrival of the newborn.

Do you edit the photos?

Yes, the photos you will be previewing in an online gallery have already been retouched.Retouching means basic post-processing: adjusting the image's brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping, etc.

We perform reasonable editing on the minor blemishes in your selections: removing small amount of pimples on the cheeks; slightly reduce the size of arms and chins; removing minor distractions in the background such as a blurred trash can.

We do not perform heavy editing. These are the examples that we don't do: removing any furniture or mess in the house (clients should stage their houses before the session); removing any cluttered background; replacing or resizing any body parts; removing a piece of completely exposed underwear on the body.


I need canvas prints and photo albums, can you help me?

Yes course! Our prints are made in professional print labs that are dedicated for photographers and artists. Deep matte paper is used, high quality guaranteed.

Can I see your portfolio?

For sure! You can have a quick glance of my maternity photography work in the gallery, or browse the featured albums which give you an idea about the collection of photos you'll get in the session.

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