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Christina Szeto Photography


Kids grow up so fast and the little boy or girl yesterday looks so much different today! I take pride in documenting each fun and memorable moment for my family clients, we would all have lots of laughters and giggles together.

Where does the session take place?

Most clients prefer outdoor sessions such as the parks that the kids used to go. I usually go to places with beautiful lighting, such as Lover's Lane Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts (SF), Golden Gate Park (SF), Fort Baker (SF) Heather Farm (Walnut Creek) and the UC Berkeley Campus. 


How long is the session?

My signature portrait session is 2 hours. We also offer mini sessions as short as 30 mins. If you are a new customer, we would recommend the New Customer Package which is 60 mins.


What is a mini-session?

A mini session is a 30 mins, short session that would be suitable for young kids under the age of 4.

What is your style?

I love to document families & kids in a natural and truest approach. During the photoshoot I would ask parents to tickle their kids, tell a joke, hug each other and kiss them on the cheeks. There will be lots of fun and laughters throughout the process, you'll feel relaxed. Both posed and candid shots are encouraged.

Do we need any props?

Yes we do! Props make the photos look a lot intriguing by adding unique personal touch. Do bring along your kids' favorite toys, books, stuffed animals or accessories. If it is for his/her birthday or some other celebrations, I encourage you to prepare banners, streams, balloons and lanterns. There're lots of stores that you could shop these items at affordable prices, such as Partycity, Birthdayexpress and HobbyLobby.

How would you help us to look natural?

Don't worry if you are not very used to be in the pictures. I would guide you and your kids into natural lights and give directions to make you all feel comfortable. As said above, I am going to ask you to tickle the kids, play with them and tell a joke.

What should we wear?

Good question! Please see outfits suggestions here.


Do you edit the photos?

Yes, the photos you will be previewing in an online gallery have already been retouched.Retouching means basic post-processing: adjusting the image's brightness, contrast, saturation, cropping, etc.

We perform reasonable editing on the minor blemishes in your selections: removing small amount of pimples on the cheeks; slightly reduce the size of arms and chins; removing minor distractions in the background such as a blurred trash can.

We do not perform heavy editing. These are the examples that we don't do: removing any furniture or mess in the house (clients should stage their houses before the session); removing any cluttered background; replacing or resizing any body parts; removing a piece of completely exposed underwear on the body.

Do you work with newborns?

Yes, I do! Newborns are so adorable and delicate that the photoshoot is usually taken in the first 14 days of life. Newborn sessions are 2-3 hours long because there will be so much to document while they are sleeping, awakening and even crying! The sessions are taken place at the comfort of your home, a place which both parents and the infant are familiar with. I will guide you to hold or position your baby and photograph using the natural window light.

I need canvas prints and photo albums, can you help me?

Yes course! Our prints are made in professional print labs that are dedicated for photographers and artists. Deep matte paper is used, high quality guaranteed.

Can I see your portfolio?

For sure! You can have a quick glance of my work in the kids & family galleries, or browse the featured albums which give you an idea about the collection of photos you'll get in the session.

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