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What Should I Wear for a Family or Engagement Photo Session?

Clients always ask me what to wear in a photo session, and I have decided to suggest a few ideas for clients who will be doing family, maternity or engagement photo sessions.


The first step to shooting great family and engagement photos is coordinated dressing codes in terms of styles and color, here're my recommendations.


-Start with where the photos will be displaying. If the photos will be hanging on your living room or bedroom, choose the colors that would compliment nicely with your home color scheme.

-Start with one person's outfit.

-Wear coordinated, accent colors.

-Go for softer color tones, pick 2-4 colors that would fit the theme color.

-Pick simple and classic outfits to the images a timeless feel, the photos may be hanging on your living room for years to come.

-Accessorize (but not excessive) to express your personality.


-Outfits that have horizontal strips, logos, characters and graphics.

-Matching styles, or everyone will end up wearing the same thing.

-All white, all black, or all plain outfits for both couples or family members.

-Bright colors like lime, lemon


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