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Photographers are more than someone who clicks the shutter. They assess the location, identify the light, pose clients, make them at ease and entertain. Not to mention their investment in sophisticated equipment. Just like any other serious businesses, photographers strive to deliver the BEST product and services to their clients. What clients may not see behind the scene is the endless hours that photographers sit in front of their computers retouching and perfecting the images. Most photographers attend costly professional trainings to continue to educate themselves to deliver excellent experience and photos to their clients. The craft, skills and creativity take years to master. When you hire a professional photographer, your experience is unique and rewarding. You get what you paid for. Of course there are cheap bargains in Groupon or Thumbtack for as low as $99, clients should always check their work carefully before the booking. I take my work as seriously as the photos are for my clients to cherish for a life's time. I would love to work with clients who respect the professionalism of photographers.

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