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The First Mini Session After The Rainstorm!

The rainstorm in San Francisco on 10/24/2021 has rescheduled all my mini sessions! Drove at 6am today from Fremont in the dark & rain and arrived before sunrise to start the session at 8:30am, so that the clients could catch their flight back to Arizona.

The client is a portrait photographer and instructor in Arizona! Her work is beautiful and inspiring, and she is an expert in posing and lighting. When I got booked by her I was like "WOW... I can't mess it up!". Imagine you are shooting for one of the best photographers in the industry; honestly I was a little nervous in the first few shots, and I hope I did a good job for her. At the session she said she was glad to find me (and so do I, what a relief). She has purchased all the photos, and this means a lot to me!

By the way I've never seen such big of a rain storm in the Bay Area! The little trees at the Palace have been COMPLETELY destroyed, there were water puddles even on the curb, messy leaves were everywhere, just like after typhoon #8 in Hongkong (which is common)!

So many more sessions to come, both San Francisco and Fremont! One more spot in Fremont, a few more new time slots in SF:


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