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Meeting Little Talula

The family photoshoot session for the Soto's was a beautiful gift that concluded my 2016 .

I met little Talula, who just turned 3 and is the daughter of my professor, Brigette. Doesn't the little girl's smile melt your heart?

I met the family at 9:30am in the UC Berkeley campus, I checked out a spot that has the most gorgeous sunlight and decided to photoshoot the family right there. I always look for backlight to bring out the warmth and togetherness of a family, but as too much of it would ruin the picture, so finding a spot that has the right amount of light is a must. Normally I would look on the ground, the best spot is where the shadow and the sun light met. Careful that light condition changes from minutes to minutes, as a photographer you should always keep an eye on the light and shadow.

There is a saying that daughters are dads' lovers in their past lives! I guess this is true, at least for this family.

Talula's mom, Brigette is the founder of Embrace Change, and was one of my professors at UC Berkeley Extensions. She is also a life coach who dedicates herself to help people bring out the best of themselves and pursue their goals in life. I remember that in my days in UC Berkeley, I always felt encouraged, elevated and was able to step out of the classroom with positive energy with a sense of purpose after taking her class--Entrepreneurial Leadership. One of the factors that brought me to this point today was her guidance to think through my personal goals and career path. Anyone who is interested in personal growth can visit her website here.

I wish this happy family a blessed and healthy 2017!

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