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From Friends to Lovers--Elizabeth & Shawn

I can deeply feel the love, friendship and bonding between Elizabeth and Shawn, who were once college buddies and then gradually developed their friendship into lasting and genuine love. Married for 7 years and being the parents of two young kids, they wanted a session that felt like an engagement--to relive the passion and commitment they vowed to each other, get more photos to document their lives together, and of course to have lots of fun and laughter!

I usually allow time for couples to relax in front of the camera. I would encourage the guy to tell a joke and capture the moment that he makes the girl laughs.

The couple just looked great even though they were concerned about not looking natural in the pictures. In fact a lot of clients have the same issue but I am VERY confident that I'll help them look great! This is my value. I am more than a photographer, I help clients to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. I asked Shawn to tell how much he loved his wife, and he has to speak from his heart. I told Elizabeth just to relax, enjoy and embrace herself in his love. As always, I remind the couple to ignore me. It is their session, it is their time together and no one else can share the love and bonding between them, my job is to facilitate and document the process, and be honest with what I see.

I love the elegance and grace within Elizabeth's movement and glances, won't be surprised that she was a music major. She is beautiful both inside and outside. I posed her to show off her natural body curves and charm. Details such as the degree that the arms should bend and how much fingers should spread apart must also be considered. I strive for perfection, I am passionate to bring out the best in women and help them look even more stunning and feminine through my lens.

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