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Photo Day with Sadie

One thing that I love about my job is, it makes me so delighted and fulfilled when my photos put a smile on someone.

I knew this client, Sasa, since we were little kids because our dads are grade school friends. We were raised in Hong Kong, we spent our weekends together, ate dim sum lunch and then swam or played together. I cried so hard when the family moved to the States when we were 7 or 8 years old. Life is full of wonders, after spending two decades in Hong Kong, I moved to the same state. It just felt like yesterday that we played together, I still had vivid memories of our time together, and the fancy dresses that we wore every week as little girls.

Now, my friend had a girl. You'll know what you're missing in your heart when you are cradling a life in your arms. This is what I felt. As a friend I felt extra joyful of seeing my childhood buddy flip to another chapter in her life; and as a photographer I know I have a calling to document this moment for a family so that after decades when they look back, they'll relive the excitement and happiness that they are having right now.

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