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The Li's @ Mei-foo Park

I was raised in Hong Kong. Although Hongkong is well known for its tiny and packed space, there are still so many great places for a perfect family photoshoot.

They can be a small park near your place, or a tranquil suburban area hidden miles away from the city.

The Mei-foo park, for instance, is a medium sized park located within a densely populated residential area. 20 years ago, Mei-foo was linked to the sea. People lived there could always enjoy a long walk along the coast. I was raised in Mei-foo. Then the government filled the sea to cope up with the soar in demand for residential houses, that was how the coastal area near Mei-foo became a plot of reclaimed land.

Today, we had the Li's family photoshoot. Their first born kid, Belle, just turned 3 months. A time to celebrate.

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