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I'm going to be aunt soon!!

I always love my home--Hong Kong.

I travelled back home 2 weeks ago for my sister-in-law's maternity photoshoot.

Guess what, my brother is going to be dad soon! And I'm going to be aunt (looks old...)!


We had lunch at Hyatt Hotel, and ate their famous dish-Peking Duck. Trust me, the best Peking Duck is not in Beijing, it is right here in Hong Kong. The skin of the duck shouldn't be just crispy and thin, but also it has to melt in your mouth just like butter. This would be the best Peking Duck. I know no other places that make the perfect Peking Duck like the Hyatt Hotel (Shatin).

(smartphone photo)

We took a bunch of photos right at the restaurants. This one looks like it was taken in a studio:

This is the setting in the restaurant:

Here's the technique: I underexposed the background and since the walls were already black and the environment was sheltered against the sun, it should be very easy. At the same time I used the flash and created side light (instead of direct light). Note that I posed my sister-in-law side ways to highlight her figure.

More Photos:

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