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Using Backlighting in Family Photo Sessions

I always want to work with backlight in my sessions because backlighting gives a dreamy, fresh and joyful feeling to the photos.

As a photographer, the very first thing I want to make sure is, I need to make light work for me before I can capture beautiful photos for my clients.

Different kinds of backlighting require different treatment. Backlighting in an open area without any trees or hills as background, say in Crissy Field, would wash out the images when strong dazzling light dominates. Photographers in such condition would need an assistant to hold a diffuser that cuts off the glares entering into the lens. Sessions that require an extra assistant can be costly.

I love Lover's Lane Presidio for a reason--the lighting. Surrounded by towering eucalyptus trees that block harsh sun glares, Lover's Lane has that natural and soft lighting that is ideal for backlit portraits.

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